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Job location: Romania


Work with the team to provide daily care and management for the dogs from ROLDA shelters.

Supervisor: Caretaker/s paid staff

You will be under permanent supervision of one staff member.

You will need to respect staff indications.

You can’t access dogs that might react in dangerous way (for themselves or for people) with strangers.

You can’t feed dogs outside feeding hours (except training treats).


Cleaning of the facilities, minimal evaluation of dogs health, grooming, socialization, training, exercise, and facility maintenance to provide optimal care.

There are 2-6 dogs in each box. We have 120 boxes (12 paddocks with 10 boxes/each) and 20 of them have individual running spaces. In addition, there are 2 big running spaces for exercise and training.

You need to meet dog in box or running space, get to know and spend some time socializing with him before you can walk with dog on leash. Off-leash is strictly forbidden outside the shelter enclosure (because some dogs might get scared and run/escape; they might scary or hurt wildlife or villagers passing by) Almost all of the dogs in our care are former street animals who have never even been indoor and need to learn to feel comfortable around people. Socialization is especially important for shy animals and for those who have been abused. We receive compliments about how great #roldadogs are and this is grace of amazing volunteers efforts to teach them to act nicely around humans.


Minimum 1-3 years experience interacting with cats or dogs.

Experience with quality assurance.

Experience with basic grooming and training preferred.

Experience working in an animal facility or animal hospital is preferred.

Knowledge in animal facility operations.

Knowledge of animal health and management issues.

Ability to lift 20 Kg+, work both indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions, work evenings, weekends and holidays as needed.

Target: Romania, Worldwide

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